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WInter Gala

Winter Gala

The Navajo Hopi Health Foundation hosts an annual Winter Gala and through the support of sponsors, is able to raise funds to support TCRHCC in providing health care services for communities in the Western Navajo Nation.

The 5th Annual Winter Gala (2017) was a success.  The theme was the Great Gatsby, inspired by the 1920s flapper dresses and jazz era, and it was a sold out crowd.  Special congratulations to the Provider of the Year recipient, Dr. Katie Magee. 

Thanks to Dr. Magee for all her passionate dedication in enabling accessible healthcare for the people on the western region of the Navajo Nation.  Her talents have added to and elevated Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation’s mission in serving the surrounding community.  The Navajo Hopi Health Foundation salutes Dr. Magee!

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Special Thanks

To all those who have supported the Foundation’s efforts to make this year’s Winter Gala possible, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

Pax Harvey – Emcee Jeremy “Jermatik” Baca – DJ
Lori Black Yolanda Burke Ramcita Dugi Rosanna Jenkins
Carlita Arizona Mildred Garcia Carol Melvin Tasha Preston
Vernon Davis Terry Secody Selena Simmons Cynthia Soria
Byron Bizardi Jeannette Yazzie Kendall Tanner Luis Soria
William Dey Aurelia Yazzie Elfreida Bizaholoni

Special Thanks to our Sponsors

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