Navajo Hopi Health Foundation

The Canyon House

The Foundation Canyon House had its grand opening on October 15, 2017. The restored house provides so much for the community, a quaint little thrift shop and native arts and crafts.  Legendary Native actor Gary Farmer was invited as guest of honor and gave his endorsement to the Foundation’s mission in establishing an oncology center on the Navajo Reservation.   

 The “Canyon House” was named in remembrance of one of the Foundation’s most committed volunteers, Leona Canyon, who tragically succumbed to cancer in March 2016.  Leona’s passing sheds light on how common cancer is on the reservation and that a majority of the people cannot seek treatment due to financial restraint and the distance to an adequate facility.  By fate, she’s managed to fuel the beginning of the first oncology center on the reservation.

Madeleine Gross Family

Scholarship Recipient 2018

Congratulations Dynnika Tso on being this year’s Madeleine Gross Scholarship recipient! Miss Tso will be attending the University of Arizona, majoring in neuroscience. The Navajo Hopi Health Foundation wishes you well on your new path.