Navajo Hopi Health Foundation

10K - $25  |  5K - FREE  |  3K - FREE


All proceeds remain in Tuba City to assist the Specialty Care Center

and support patients and their families.


Where & When

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Coalmine Canyon

Milepost 337/338

Coalmine, Arizona


3K - Walk and Run

5K - Walk and Run

10K - Walk and Run

Start Time

8:00 AM - 10K Start

8:30 AM - 5K Start

8:45 AM - 3K Start


CoalMine Canyon is about fifteen miles southeast of Tuba City, Arizona. CoalMine Canyon contains red and white striped cliffs and is most easily shot from the rim. The rim is on Navajo Nation land.


About the Cause

The Run for Hope promotes culturally adapted cancer treatment for Navajo. Hopi, and San Juan Southern Paiute people in Tuba City, where the Specialty Care Center provides outpatient clinical care to patients and the House of Hope provides support to patients and their families. Your participation in this run will support these historic efforts. Donations for this effort are welcome through online pre-registration and at the race.