Navajo Hopi Health Foundation

Donate to the Cancer Center

The TCRHCC serves the Native Americans of the western region of the Navajo Nations and its immediate neighbor the Hopi Reservation, as well as the immediate user population of the 37,885 is primarily located in Coconino County, Arizona. TCRHCC's initial Specialty Program intent is to strengthen the organizations stature and capability to offer accessible care to our Native communities.

Advantages to Local Cancer Care:

  • Less travel for Patients, especially patients  receiving chemotherapy
  • Better follow up, surveillance and survivorship
  • Early recognition and management of cancer therapy-related toxicities
  • More accurate numbers and statistics

Why should you donate?

Going the Distance: For Life

Money is low on the list of things most people want to think about after a doctor says the scary word "cancer." The distance, time, financial difficulties, and lack of cancer services, that stem from dealing with cancer can lead people to avoid or delay care or drugs, and also may cause stress that can lead to mental and physical health problems. Click here to watch our video, "Going the Distance: For Life."

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