Navajo Hopi Health Foundation

Coalmine Canyon Location

Coalmine Canyon is about fifteen miles southeast of Tuba City, Arizona. Coalmine Canyon contains red and white striped cliffs and is most easily shot from the rim. The rim is on Navajo Nation land. The interior of the Coal Mine Canyon is part of the Hopi Nation and a Hopi guide is required to descend to the interior.

Directions from Tuba City, Arizona

To get to Coalmine Canyon drive southeast 15.1 miles from the intersection of US 160 and AZ 264 (Main Street) in Tuba City and turn left on a small dirt road. The turnoff is at mile marker 337.25, coordinates 36.005324, -111.048578 . Then drive 0.4 miles north and turn right just before the windmill. Continue NE about .15 miles to the picnic area.