Navajo Hopi Health Foundation

The Navajo Nation Needs Cancer Treatment at Tuba City Hospital

Federal Policy Continues to Kill Indians
• Congress funds Indian healthcare for primary, not specialty, care.
• Federal policy denies American Indians local cancer services.
• Absence of local cancer care causes late stage, terminal diagnosis.

Navajo Has No Cancer Treatment
• Phoenix has one oncologist for every 16,512 people.
• Flagstaff has one oncologist for every 13,733 people.
• Navajo has zero oncologist for 156,823 people.

No Other Americans Travel 8,000 Miles To Access Cancer Care
• Specialized cancer services are 500 miles away, round trip.
• Typical cancer services are 160 miles away, round trip.
• Tuba City patients must travel at least 8,000 miles to access a standard regimen of 50 treatment visits (160 miles x 50).

Navajo Nation Is Like Sierra Leone
• Both exceed 27,000 square miles.
• Both have road systems that are 85% unpaved and often impassable.
• Both lack running water and sewage in over half their homes.
• Both are where a majority of people live in grinding poverty.
• Both lack cancer treatment facilities.

You Can Help Us Make History
• Include Tuba City Hospital in the fed’s cancer reimbursement program.
• Expand Tuba City Hospital to include an oncology center.
• Have your colleagues join our lifesaving goal!

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