Navajo Hopi Health Foundation

Your Health Care Donations and Volunteer Support

The Navajo Hopi Health Foundation operates entirely on your donations and volunteer support. We receive no funding from any one dedicated source. All gifts are put to good use thanks to our strong leadership team, which is comprised of leading professionals from local communities who act as good stewards for your investment. Our team believes so strongly in the immediate differences donations make within our care network that all of their time is strictly volunteer support.

Why Your Support Is So Important

In 2012, our total combined hospital inpatient and outpatient visits equaled 720,708 visits for our facilities. This represents a 397% increase in total patient visits during the previous 10-year period, growing from 160,134 visits in 2002. Please allocate your donations here within the United States where there is a serious need on the Navajo Hopi Reservation. Your funds will support initiatives such as our High School Summer Program. Our Volunteer Youth Program has grown from 13 to 42 students. This program provides a great opportunity for young people to develop job skills and possibly find they want to pursue a career in medicine.

Recent Successes and Initiatives

 The Navajo Hopi Health Foundation had a successful year in fund-raising and seeks both one-time and ongoing contributions from individuals and agencies to support continuing initiatives at our care facilities.  We also require continued support for our nurse's training facility, since the nearest teaching facility is over 70 miles away. This program ensures that trainees are prepared to deal with the special needs of our clients and also encourages them to stay. At the end of each year, we put on a Christmas gala to raise much-needed funding. We also offer memorial tiles for individuals, families, and estates for bequeathed legacy gifts to the Navajo Hopi Health Foundation. We have just started getting chairs, TVs, and picnic tables for the hospital.

Donor Spotlight

A special Thank you to our many donors


A kind woman from Fillmore, Utah, made baby blankets and donated to the OB Department at Tuba City Regional Health Care.

Lauren and Lynette Bonar provided TVs, DVD players, and DVDs, for the Pediatric Department.

Recently a resident found out that the dental department could use more equipment and earmarked his donation specifically to fill that need.

Mr. and Mrs. Gaslovich visited the facility and decided to help with the OB department and sponsor the restoration of a piece of art.

IRCA provided new chairs for our waiting areas.

Laerdal provided manniquins and computers for our Sim Lab.

Please make a contribution or offer your volunteer support to the Navajo Hopi Health Foundation today.

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