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About Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation

The Navajo Hopi Health Foundation in Tuba City, Arizona, supports the Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation (TCRHCC), whose care facilities serve as a regional referral medical center for over 75,000 Native Americans.The facilities include a hospital, and satellite clinics where they provide Family Medicine, multiple medical specialist and dental services. TCRHCC is a truma 3 hospital and has onsite helicopter service.

Tuba City

Flagstaff | Cameron | LeChee, Arizona


Essential Services We Provide

As the sole provider of long-term care, trauma care, and helicopter medical rescue on the Navajo Reservation, the 73-bed acute care hospital is the only one of its kind on a Native American reservation in the United States. Clinicians and professionals serve our population by using donor funds as efficiently as possible. The hospital provides a full range of services, including sugery, dental, optometry, and pharmacy and more:
Joint Replacement | Diabetic Wound Care | Minimally Invasive Gynecology Procedures | Vaginal Birth | After-Cesarean Section Care

Mobile Health Care

To better serve our population, the hospital has two mobile health care units that supplement primary health care to the reservation's most remote locations. More than half of all homes in these areas lack plumbing, electricity, and a telephone, and 80 percent of all roads are unimproved dirt roads that are seasonally inaccessible.


The People's Regional Medical Center

The New York Times, Washington Times, and MSNBC™ have featured TCRHCC's physicians because of their exemplary medical care. Our innovative medical treatments exceed some of America's top hospitals, but TCRHCC still lacks many comforts most Americans expect from local hospitals, like comfortable seating areas. Over 24,000 patients come to the hospital each year, many who commonly are from far away and modest means. Sometimes their visitors sleep on the floor during visits, because we simply do not have the furnishings to accommodate them. We have only just started getting chairs, TVs, and picnic tables.

Your Support Is Needed

  The need to expand medical services often leaves no extra money for basic interior improvements for the facilities beyond life safety and medical equipment requirements. Please consider helping out the foundation this year with charitable donations to improve the comfort of indigenous people.

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